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The used appliance business can be a very lucrative business. Everyone has appliances, they are always breaking and new appliances are very expensive. More and more people are turning to used appliances as a way to save money. 

Here’s how the business works: You stock up on inexpensive and broken appliances. Then, you clean and refurbish them and list them for sale for a fair market price. When someone’s appliance breaks, they call and have you deliver them a refurbished appliance and you haul their old one away. They save money, you make money and then you go home and repair their old one and make even more money. It’s very simple.

So what's the problem? Those in the appliance business know how great it is and don’t want to teach anyone else how to get into it. I didn't have anyone to teach me, and it wasn’t fun trying to learn everything on my own the hard way.

I created Appliance school to help you get into the business. The course contains all the information you need to start and run a profitable appliance business. It also includes access to help from myself and others in the ApplianceSchool community in the private forums.

Hey, I'm Ryan. Over the past four years I've sold thousands of appliances from this garage.

But aren’t you worried about creating more competition? I’m not worried about competition for a couple of reasons. First, there are over 19,355 cities across America, and most are under-served in the used appliance business and it seems to be getting worse. For some reason the younger generations haven’t been going into the trades and are less willing to get their hands dirty. Second, demand is only going up as more and more people are looking for ways to stretch their dollars and save money. Inflation is having a big impact on the economy right now.

What's in the Course?

Extensive written guides

Everything you need to know to start your business.

  • How I got into appliances
  • What to expect from your appliance business
  • What tools do you need to get started
  • Appliance buying
  • Appliance selling
  • Appliance repair - dryers
  • Appliance repair - washers
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Growing the business
  • Gear/Storage/Tools

HD video tutorials

These step-by-step video tutorials will show you everything you need to know about the appliance business.

I'll cover topics like:

  • How to clean and take apart machines?
  • Diagnosing broken machines
  • Step by step repair videos
  • How to touch up and paint the appliances so they look like new

Expert help

At any moment you can jump into the forums and get the help and advice you need. You have instant access to experts and peers who are running successful used appliance operations around the country. You'll find tips and tricks that will save money and time.

Wholesale Parts Store

We offer machine replacement parts at below wholesale price to our ApplianceSchool students. Our prices are the lowest you'll find.

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Everything you need to learn the appliance business

Comprehensive course on building your appliance business from the ground up

Training videos on diagnosis and repair

Access to the ApplianceSchool discussion forums

Access to the wholesale parts store

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I think I might have too much competition where I live, what do you think?

Don't worry about the competition -- you can compete with anyone if your overhead is low enough. As long as there are 10-15k people in and around the area you live, you should be fine. The more the better, but even small towns of 10-15k people need a lot of appliances. Each home has 4-5 appliances in it and they are always breaking and needing to be repaired or replaced. Most people only need to sell 1-2 appliances a day to make a full time income.

What do I need to get started in the appliance business?

A few basic tools, a way to transport appliances, and a place to work and test the machines. You will need a computer, a phone and a way to take pictures.

I don’t have a shop, can still do this business?

I've repaired and sold thousands of machines from my single car-garage. You simply need a place to work on machines and to store them. You don't need to rent a workshop.

I’m not very mechanically oriented, can I do this?

You don't need to be mechanically inclined. I’m not, but when I found I could make $100 by taking apart a dryer and swapping out a $2 fuse, I was quickly converted. The machines you'll learn about in the course are easy to work on, and with a little practice you'll become an expert. The course videos will walk you through all the repairs you’ll need to learn.

I’m living in an apartment, is it still possible?

It’s going to be difficult to buy and sell appliances out of an apartment, but not impossible. For someone living in an apartment I would encourage you to learn the business, learn how to diagnose and repair the machines and start offering appliance repair as a service in people’s houses. Appliance repair as a service is a great business, and the experience will help your business in the long run.

I have a full time corporate job, do you think I can realistically expect to get a business like this off the ground and running?

You can easily start this off on the side, which I recommend at first to take away the pressure of switching your income source all at once. This will give you time to learn how to repair machines, and learn the business slowly without the pressure to produce overnight. You can casually pick up and work on machines as you have time. You can sell and deliver them in the evenings and on the weekends for extra cash at first and see how things go.

Is anything going to be sent to my house?

No. All the course and training materials are on the private membership site, which you will have access to immediately. We won’t be sending out a physical product. We’ve chosen this route to enable us to continually add new material to the site.

How up to date is the material?

The material is current and is being continually updated.


From Dusty

Hey Ryan,

Just wanted to stop in.. I have a question for you, but first..

Want you to know my success.. From Mar 5th - Apr 5th, one month exactly..

I made a PROFIT of $2,667.00 (which is about $600 more than I would make in one month doing my profession, being a plumber, which I made approx. $2,000 a month, net.) Isn't that amazing?

And before all that, I had never touched a washer or dryer in my life. I just learned from your program, learned as I went, and being able to email you with questions DEFINITELY helped.

AND..I think the most satisfying part of this all, besides being able to continue making a living to support my family...

Is that I work for MYSELF.. I make my own hours - which, given, has been a lot more than my previous 40 hour week plumbing, yet a LOT more satisfying, I make my own schedule, and work at my own pace, all from HOME.

So, I say a big THANK YOU! I sure am glad I stumbled upon your website!

Because I've always known I wanted to work for myself, just never knew doing what.

And in the past couple years, my friends and family often told me that I had a knack for buying, selling and haggling on craigslist, then I started to notice it myself.

So, over $2,600.00 in the first month...not too bad, huh?

Thank you!

A new apprentice,


*** Update 2 ***

Hey Ryan!

It's been a while and today also happens to be.. the second full month I have been doing the appliance business. So like I wrote you last time to tell you I had made $2,667.00 in the FIRST month of ever doing this (which is more than I had made during my previous career), I am here to let you know about my success another month later. Are you ready...

From Apr 5th until May 5th.. I made a profit of $4,907.00!! Are you kidding me? And that is just me, no help or employees yet. One man, a truck, and his garage. Haha I am just ecstatic and excited and amazed.. and thankful for all the hard work and long hours and money spent creating the appliance school and your website, and all your one-on-one help. I feel truly free, in control and happy with the direction I am heading in this career. I just can't believe the second month of learning a new career/trade and I made an average of $1,230.00/week.

So anyway, thanks again!! You're the best!

Until next time,


From Joe-- Ryan’s first student

A little about me.

I had quit my job in October of 2011 after being there for roughly 10 years. I was tired of the long days every day and wanted my time back. I worked for an air conditioning and heating company doing many things in the office from dispatching and scheduling calls, to handling all the IT stuff. I had amassed a reasonable savings and with the Mrs. also working I could quit without losing any sleep at night. I did research ways to make money from home and even dabbled in some areas without any results only because I never finished those projects and still had money in savings. I finally came to a point where I had to do something and I really did not want to go back to work for someone else, so I stumbled across Ryan's blog in February of 2013. I had stumbled across it several months earlier and for whatever reason did not take action at that time. Anyway, I contacted Ryan I believe on a Sunday, we video chatted for an hour at an agreed fee for his insight and expertise, Monday made a few purchases, and Tuesday made my first sale! Ten months later I have made more money than I ever did in my best year at any other company and still have 2 months to go! I hope my story serves as inspiration for those seeking freedom in time and money!


From Bill

I want to thank Ryan for his consultation and his appliance business course. He is very professional, succinct, and courteous. When I first discovered Ryan and his coaching on the appliance business I sent him an email in which I told him I believe he can help me make my dreams of successful business ownership a reality. I've been officially in business for a couple of weeks now and I still believe that is true, and am slowly making my belief reality.

I am 36 years old and have had this dream of successful business operation at or near the forefront of my mind for more than half of my life. I have had several businesses; trucking company, house painting, pot dealing, courier service, carpet cleaning, flipping cars, and junk removal, with varying degrees of success. And, I am certain my appliance business will be my most successful business to date, and that is primarily due to Ryan's coaching and his course.

I like to think I am an intelligent man, and someone who can get the job done. But honestly, I don't think I would be able to do this business without Ryan laying it all out for me. Ryan has defined this business system, making it easy for me to follow. The only ingredient that needs to be added is will.

Ryan is a cut above most men, and he's a better man than I am, and I'm ok with that. I'm just happy to be here to take advantage of the situation. So, my hat is off to you Ryan, when I say you have made a profound impact on my life in a positive aspect, that is no exaggeration.

From Nick

Ryan is an excellent coach with a strong business sense. When working with Ryan, you really get the feeling that he wants you to succeed and is willing to work with you to achieve it. You can feel his confidence for the business and the passion for self growth. Ryan is a really open minded individual and will answer any question that you could possibly have. He always seems ready for anything and at the end of the meeting, you feel that your money was well spent. So far, I’ve applied Ryan’s coaching to numerous situations while starting in the business and will not hesitate to schedule more coaching in the near future.



From Steve

I ran across an article about Ryan’s making a living buying and selling appliances on Craigslist a few weeks ago. It sparked an interest in me. I had used Craigslist many times to save a great deal of money on appliances, electronics, etc., but had never sold anything. I started reading his posts on his website and emailed him with some very specific questions. He told me about his coaching program and I told him I would think about it. My first thought was that everyone wants money to tell you something (negative). But as I read, I began to see honesty and good character. I appreciated the way that he responded to comments on his posts. I began to develop my list of questions over several weeks. Every time I thought of another one, I jotted it down. I finally contacted him last week and we set up a call for Saturday morning.

He easily handled all of my questions in short order and gave me so much more. The information will save me so much trial and error in starting this venture. He sent me pics of tools, links to information that would be helpful. He even found a free dishwasher, right in my neighborhood. I picked up the dishwasher, cleaned it up, the next morning, listed it, and sold it before dinner (the same day). The profit from the dishwasher paid for his coaching time.

If you are serious about trying this, don’t hesitate to make the jump for the coaching. It will save you way more money and a lot of trouble.


By the way, I picked up my first set of washer and dryer, last night. The guy said to me, “You seem to know a lot about this”. Ryan knows a lot about this. I just have a good memory.

From Mike

I stumbled onto (Ryan's blog - the predecessor to ApplianceSchool) a few months ago, and really enjoyed reading about Ryan’s craigslist business. I connected with him on both an entrepreneurial level and with the ethics in which he tries to run his business and life. The more I thought about his system, the more it felt like it was something I wanted to explore further. I emailed Ryan and inquired whether he would take on another coaching student. He replied and we set a date for the video call.

In advance of the coaching appointment, Ryan had me write down what my goals are and a little about my situation. I expressed a few topics that I wanted to him to cover specifically, and he obliged to put that into the appointment.

At our appointment, I was very glad to find out that Ryan is as good of a communicator in person as he is as a writer. We chatted briefly and introduced ourselves, then got right down to business. We covered some very significant topics that will help me reach my goals. This information would’ve taken me many months and lots of money to learn on my own. Ryan’s presentation was well organized and filled with real life examples from my local craigslist. We even found a few “great deals” as we were chatting for me to follow up on. It was a very educational experience, and worth far more than I paid.

The next day, I applied the knowledge that Ryan armed me with, and made my first purchase. A used Roper washer and dryer. Utilizing the skills he taught me, I’ll be able to quickly flip these units into a profit.

I would not hesitate to recommend a coaching appointment or two with Ryan if you are serious about starting a used appliance business. I plan to purchase a few more sessions as I move into different stages of my business.


From Don


I just want to say thank you for inspiring me to get started selling appliances on craigslist. Since I have started this past April, it has been exciting and very profitable, to say the least. My wife, like yours, thought I was crazy to try and make a living off craigslist. But now she says “why didn’t you do this sooner?”. I continue to read your posts because it gives me fresh ideas and inspiration. If you're ever in the area I would like to buy you a beer. Thanks again and keep up the good fight.


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